Registries Are Not Enough!
Releasing persons known to be sexually dangerous to children into our communities with nothing more than sex offender registration is simply not responsible. Most registered sex offenders are under virtually no official supervision. That means the only one watching them is... you.

GPS Tracking Devices Are Not Enough!
Satellite tracking of sex offenders might sound tough, but by themselves, they won't prevent most crimes against children. "Eyes in the sky" tracking devices might locate an offender at a particular address, but only "eyes on the ground" can determine whether he is raking leaves or babysitting neighborhood children.

Residency Restrictions Push the Problem Onto Others
Some local communities--desperate to do more to protect innocent children--are passing residency restriction laws to ban sex offenders from living in most dense urban areas. Keeping sexual predators away from public places where children gather is a smart idea, if done in a meaningful and enforceable way. But herding them into rural areas without placing them under close surveillance and containment won't solve the problem. The vast majority of sexual abuse is committed by adults the victim already knows... not by strangers lurking in parks. Local governments that really want to make children safer should join together and demand tough, meaningful legislation from their state legislatures.

California Campaign
We'll have news soon on PROTECT's plans for the Real Safety Campaign in California in 2009. If you're a PROTECT member, you'll be notified immediately. If not, please be sure you are registered for our email updates (at the upper right of this page).

Testimony of Kim Talman, PROTECT New York Chair on Sex Offender Registries