One of the most shocking revelations in PROTECT's "Dangerous State of Justice" report is that Minnesota—traditionally thought of as a progressive state—has essentially decriminalized trafficking in video and images of children being raped, tortured and sexually abused (“child pornography”). 

Despite a decade of work on the issue of child exploitation—including authoring numerous pieces of federal and state legislation and working closely with law enforcement and prosecutors across the United States—we know of no other state in the union with sentencing as weak as Minnesota’s for child sexual exploitation. 

Minnesota judges impose sentences of probation for possession and distribution of child abuse imagery in a stunning 90% of all cases, rendering efforts by the state’s heroic Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force almost useless unless prosecutions can be referred federally. Even when an offender is classified as a “registered predatory offender,” there is only a 62% chance he will do prison time for possession of child rape images.

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