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National Group Corrects Delegate Lingamfelter on Claim of Good Record Protecting Kids

Delegate Scott Lingamfelter (Chair of the Committee on Militia, Police and Public Safety) tries to whitewash record of standing against anti-child predator legislation

After trying to kill child predator legislation last year, a Virginia Delegate is trying take credit for that same legislation while running for reelection.

As Chairman of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Public Safety, Delegate Scott Lingamfelter (R-31, Prince William and Fauquier Counties) fought to stop “Alicia’s Law,” a bill that makes criminals pay for law enforcement to go after child predators and child pornography traffickers.

Lingamfelter believed he had killed the bill, saying that law enforcement didn't need more funding to go after child predators. The National Association to Protect Children (PROTECT) then surprised Lingamfelter with a rare, last-minute parliamentary maneuver by Gov. Terry McAulliffe, who had the funding increased through a Governor’s budget amendment. Beaten and facing a potentially devastating public vote, Lingamfelter reversed himself and voted “yes” on McAulliffe’s amendment.

“Scott Lingamfelter, with his staff as witness, called me and denied that law enforcement needed more funding to go after child predators and insisted we accept that the appropriations fight was over and we had lost,” said PROTECT Executive Director, Grier Weeks, today.

Last week, while in the midst of a competitive election, the Lingamfelter campaign sent mailers out calling his opponent, Sara Townsend, a liar for publicizing his opposition to Alicia’s Law. The mailers say about Townsend and her message that, “her mouth oughta be washed out with soap.”

“I know Delegate Lingamfelter is in a tough reelection and wants to throw his weight around against a young challenger,” said Weeks. “But all the soap in the world won’t clean up his record now.”


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